I dedicate these writings to the life experience. The journey as it unfolds is written as offerings of love-wisdom, inspiration. and discovery. These interpretations of “how life unfolds” in a household surrounded by individuals who shape our awareness of who we are today. Home is where we take refuge from the outside world at the end of a work day or school day.  Home is meant to be a safe and nurturing place to fine tune your life skills and expand the tools that can be used to make good decisions.

As an adult woman raising children without their biological father living in our home; I had to grow a thick skin to be both a mother and a father. Life often felt like me against the world of tall places and principalities – like fighting with invisible giants that rose up from a made up book of rules.

The schools had its rules, the doctors offices and insurance agencies had it rules, landlords had their rules, banks which held our mortgage has its rules, my job had its rules. All of these places had little sensitivity to the challenges of raising children. I had to be a role model with integrity no matter what the circumstances were. My children were always looking to me for the correct way to respond when I was being challenged or disrespected

One practice became the most important part of our day – setting the table and eating together at least once every day. School and work schedules were easy to manage around planning and eating meals. Extracurricular activities were more challenging to ensure a sense of connection. The time together at the table became an important aspect of our day – looking into the faces of my children, observing their eating habits, listening to what they talked about and being present in the moment with them made a big difference in our family connection.

These beautiful souls taught me as much as I taught them and more. I learned to be always in the moment of discovery of myself in truth while practicing integrity. It amazes my children that I continue to transform and grow – this causes us to all grow and expand together as we examine and reexamine what is beautiful about life.  We have home even we are apart due to our personal jokes and stories that are significant to the moments we have shared. This is what makes a house a home. This is the Kitchen Table Wisdom that helps us to thrive.



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